Permanent Passive Income!
Your dream's lifestyle!

Make your birthday wishes a reality!

Money - Your Personal Time!

Prepare 6 ingredients!

  • 1. Time.
  • 2. Money.
  • 3. Opportunities.
  • 4. Personality.
  • 5. Financial Independence.
  • 6. Permanent Passive Income.

Wealth is measured by the time!

* With your earnings for how many days would you like to prepare the opportunity not to work
and maintain the same lifestyle?

Use your efforts quickly!

Sincere wishes from our leaders:

Important dates: 18 of January and 1st of February, 2020.

Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina
(Charlotte, North Carolina)
12 of January, 2020

Teo Galan Jr, from 22 years old to Financial Independence in 2 years!

Teo Galan jaun.: nuo 22 metų iki Finansinės Nepriklausomybės per 2 metus!

Opportunities without age restrictions!

Which dreams of well-being in yourself life
to make a reality?

How long to use your dreams in 24/7 time period?

The wisdom of the life says:

* "Cake can be eaten only after baking it :)"
* "By baking the cake, the cake will be baked :)"  
* "What's the difference in how long a cake is baked when you are eating it baked? :)

"You can get a desire for a delicious cake only after tasting it
or having imagined it in your vision :)"

Sofia Rek husband, Zbigniew Rek,
professor of physics at Stanford University in California, USA:

"This is the best option:
To enroll into the program of mining of a constantly growing passive income and as a result pay off all loans and debts!"

A Joke!

"I work out of ideas!"

A man brings his salary home.
Wife yells at him!

A man asks his wife:
"I do not understand: Why are you screaming? At work people laughed when I said how much I got."

Time. Money. Possibilities. Personality.
Become the owner of your life time!

Not hard, but wisely for 3, 6, 12 months 
or as much as you will need in your free time from earning money!

To do the work that needs to be done and

  • 1. Have time: for the the well-being of your life.
  • 2. Have finances: at the request of your heart.
  • 3. Have friends: who have both time and finances for the desires of their heart.
  • 4. Support your dream: with the right actions and the right environment.
  • 5. A person who makes a dream come true: is alive person!
ppi - Permanent Passive Income!
100 civilized countries of the world!

2 hours per day during 1 year or 2 years prepare a sufficient level of additional passive income  
and spend time with your dear, beloved and pleasant people! 

* In the prepared business system funny to earn extra money and help to others there are no restrictions!

* Work constantly for extra money: this happens only in a business system!

  • 1. At the beginning: in 2 years in a business system, work out in 45 years at work.
  • 2. Fast: there is a limited period of time from 20 to 30 years. The sooner - the longer to enjoy the joys of life.
  • 3. Consistently: Only those people who consistently sought and acted correctly in the direction of becoming Champions become Champions.
  • 4. Get the right skills: a person receives a reward for a set of acquired skills! 
  • 5. Lifestyle: is it more pleasant to receive money without a headache for what should be done at the moment? And what should be done now - circumstances have not allowed to do.
Prepare a more enjoyable tomorrow!
1-2 hours per day continuously - is sufficient!

* A new and different result - Only with the new right knowledge!

* A car without money is not needed.
* It is necessary to increase the amount of money so that the amount of money matches the wishes of the heart.
* But money, having no time to enjoy the life, is also unnecessary :)

Use the tool to prepare yourself permission to choose:

  • 1. At which time to get up?
  • 2. Near whom to wake up?
  • 3. What alarm clock raises?
  • ​4. How many Sundays a week?
  • ​5. When to break out to enjoy the life?
  • ​6. With whom to break out have fun in the middle of the week?
  • ​7. What would the second salary allow? Two second salaries? Five extra salaries and more ..?

What is your vision for the dream of your lifestyle?


Find your vision of your dream lifestyle here!

  • After 1 year of right efforts.
  • After 2 years of right efforts.
  • Who cares how many X years it will take to use the right efforts, but to prepare and start using that!
  • 8. In which countries awards for results to participate in VIP cruise travel? - Travel, services, extra wishes paid at the highest level of service for everyone.
  • 9. In which night club of the 100 countries of the world to meet with friends?
  • ​10. In which concert hall from 100 countries of the world to meet with friends?
  • 11. In which sports arena from 100 countries of the world to meet with friends?
  • ​12. Should I see my children when they are still growing?
+ What's the 1 most important thing to you of the following things?

+ Why did you choose exactly that?

+ Why does it matter to you?

+ How will you feel when you prepare that for yourself?

  • 1. Additional Cash Flow: make your dream of a prosperous life a reality.
  • 2. Financial Freedom: discover the desires of your heart.
  • 3. Financial Independence: open the time for yourself to use your prepared source of income.
  • 4. Own business system in the business system: personal franchise business.
  • 5. Additional free time: time for children and families with additional cash flow.
  • 6. More holidays:  for your achieved results, special people of the company are choosing the most pleasant places in the world.
  • 7. All inclusive: a vacation where everything will be done for you at the highest level of service.
  • ​8. Everything is paid: return after a vacation without spending money.
  • 9. New nice friends: learn how to meet new nice friends.
  • 10. Continuously improve: Improve your personality and skills, learning from the correct result of the practitioners.
  • 11. Remove your age restrictions: when the business system is perfect, it’s only useful to find out where to press the button. Suitable to realize their dreams, even for 86-year-olds.
  • 12. Bright retirement: an additional source of income to the retirement money.
  • 2 hours per day additionally: 1-2 years for extra money and work out for a 50-year work plan..
  • Doing it right: every 30 days your efforts will be summed up and multiplied!
Time, money and relationship!
With nice to you people!

Hi there! It's nice to meet you!

My name is Arturas.

I’m just a “door” for you to the real life experience of the Yager Group!
However, I have a direct financial interest in the prepared well-being of your life through these opportunities:

The reward plan says:

For efforts earlier money I get everything up to a penny until the 10th day of every month.
Starting later, but doing more - will get more money :)
Having done more and prepared a greater result than mine, for your result, you will receive more money than I :)

Receive an invitation to prepare the reality of your dreams with the Yager Group and learn from their skills!

The experience of the Yager Group team since 1967!
The Yager Group team has prepared leaders who receive passive income of 100,000 euros per year more than 200 companies in this direction combined!
* Achieve full self-realization.  
* Help people who matter to you.
* Prepare yourself and your family hereditary value!
At the end of life, people value only one thing:
the opportunity to spend more time with the closest nice people!
Take advantage of wisdom:
in 1 year or 2 years, prepare a sufficient level of permanent passive income and spend time with people you love, dear and pleasant to you!

Each of us chooses our own speed to make a pleasant result for ourselves!

There are examples of very fast growth!

Get to know and apply the experience of rapid growth!
Open the door to a prosperous life!
Mutually beneficial opportunities!
Arturas Janusis
(Artūras Janušis)
Dreams of your heart:
How big they are?

How much time is needed?

At what time of twenty-four hours?

How much money does they cost?

Prepare an increasing, extra, permanent and passive income stream!  

100€, 1000€, 3000€ ... 21000€ or more?

Prepare in advance!

Read before the meeting!

Insights! Robert Kiyosaki

  • Information Age: what was recommended by the Industrial age became the leadership of the Dinosaur in the Information age..
  • Technology: we already see and hear automated systems. 
  • Simplified work: smart people make work easier and they are preparing automated systems to work.
  • What will happen to a person’s earnings? What people have learned to work with will be doing automated systems.
  • Today is the Most Ideal Time! Meanwhile, while others are still thinking in terms of the recommendations of the industrial era, already start making money in the way of the Information Age..
Income Source "B" Preparation Plan.

* New technologies and the Internet have expanded the possibilities!

Start working on an alternative source of income at the time when you work instead of Artificial Intelligence and you get paid!
* Hurry to the meeting! 
* Give yourself more time to enjoy the joys of the life after you prepare that!
Find out the plan "B" at the meeting!
Call and book a meeting.
Today - is the next best time!
Where? When?
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Give yourself more time to enjoy the joys of the life after you prepare that!
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Ryga, Latvija - Riga, Latvia
2020-02-05, Riga, Latvia, 19:00
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Give yourself more time to enjoy the joys of the life after you prepare that!
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About the benefits of the result of your efforts:

How financial independence smells: try and you will find out :)

We say: 
You can prepare even better for yourself !!! 
Just when you're lucky - it's good !!! 

A tool for developing your Income Source “B” !

  • Your success will attract to you more success!
  • Having got into trouble - usually people find more problems :)
  • Strive for the best even when everything is fine and when problems have started, to be able to get better :)

Workshop on Business System Development and Leadership - 
Business Development Tool of Your Personal Franchise.

2020-02-01 - You can be in time for the next seminar on Leadership and development of your Franchised business system.

Your Franchise Business System Development Seminar!

The hall has a limited number of seats.

Information is closed. Contact the specified contacts.
Only for Yager Group business partners and those invited.


Life goes on!
Let's come to the next Leadership Seminar!

Jelena Durova, Aleksandr Durov

Monika Kupstaitė-Šadbarienė , Audrius Sadbaras

Yager Group TEAM 

1'st of February, 2020

It is not the individual who prepares the Leading Practitioners 
in this business system but the system prepares them!


2020-02-01 - Lietuvos Yager Žiemos Augimo Konferencija

FEC 2019-11-08 - Free Enterprise Celebration

FEC 2019-11-08 - Nepriklausomo verslo savininkų šventė

FEC 2018-11-04 - Free Enterprise Celebration

FEC 2018-11-04 - Nepriklausomo verslo savininkų šventė

Start your action exactly now!
Get a personal invitation!

Find out more during the conversation!

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Get your invitation!
* Find out a revenue sharing plan! 
* Start a collaboration!

Funny to earn extra money and help for others you can as long as you want!

We love to share!
Now You are fascinated by the opportunity 
to prepare  Permanent Rising up 
Passive Income!
Lets Tell to Others: 
"Share" - "Please Share"!

* Lets Start preparing your pleasant result right now!


* Hurry to the meeting!
* Give yourself more time to enjoy the joys of life after you prepare that!

Can you call if you need a consultation?
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Arturas Janusis
Instrumentas sukurti gyvenimo stilių!
Jūsų palinkėjimas sau gimtadienio proga!
Verslo sistema, kur viskas už jus jau paruošta!

Procesas: Veikti, konsultuotis. Veikti, konsultuotis. Veikti, konsultuotis...

Linksmai uždirbti papildomus pinigus ir padėti kitiems  
galima taip ilgai, kaip norite!

Nėra apėjimų Kelyje į LAISVĘ PASIRINKTI !

Galima tik padaryti greičiau!

Patikrinta ir tinkamai veikia jau nuo 1959 metų!

Pasiekiama 100% tiems, kurie laikosi 
8 žingsnių instrukcijos!
  • 1. Kai sunkiai dirbate tam, kad rodytumėte savo rezultatą kitiems - tai tik Finansinė Laisvė.
  • 2. Dirbti tam, kad dar daugiau dirbtum - tai nėra Finansinė Nepriklausomybė! 
  • ​3. Kai turi ką nors prižiūrėti, pvz.: pardavimo procesą - tai nėra Finansinė Nepriklausomybė!
  • 4. Atidirbti iš anksto ir toliau džiaugtis gyvenimu - Tai yra Finansinė Nepriklausomybė!
  • 5. Padėdamami pasiekti kitiems dar daugiau - Suteiksite dar daugiau džiaugsmo sau!
  • 6. Kai padėsite jūs, arba padės jums pasiekti rezultatą - Bus malonus laiko leidimas su maloniais jums žmonėmis.
  • 7. Pinigų uždirbimo būdas apsprendžia tai, ką savo noru savo gyvenimo kelyje ruošiate.
Pasiryžti įveikti naujus iššūkius!

* Ekonominė sistema ruošia darbuotojus:  vykdytojus ir prižiūrėtojus.  
Čia ruošiami LAISVI PASIRINKTI žmonės.

Verslo Sistemos Instrumentas ugdyti savo asmenybę!
4 cornerstones:
Business and Leadership System are build on 4 core values!
  • Reward.
  • Hope.
  • Family.
  • Freedom.
The result of your efforts:
  • Time for your life.
  • Personal development.
  • You will become rich.
To prepare Components of a Pleasant Lifestyle!
  • Time: Spending time with the people you love the way you want and when you want!
  • Personality: To develop your personality, to love yourselves, people and family.
  • Get Rich: Prepare a Renewable Cash Flow and the first 2 points at the same time.

To work at the beginning a lot, hard, fast, 
in order to live later in FREEDOM!

There are no detours on the way to the INDEPENDENCE!
Can only be done faster!

This is for those who wish to prepare themselves a better lifestyle instead of a good one!
When you work hard to show your score to others, it's just Financial Freedom.

When you are at FREEDOM - you do not waste your time making money!

FOR FREEDOM - You have worked before.
When you are in the team of like-minded people who have helped you to "grow up" and you have helped others to "grow up" - you are in FREEDOM with kind  people :)

How you make money determines what you prepare with your desires on your own path.
Can you call if you need a consultation?
Phone: +37062427074
Skype: arturasj100
Copyright 2020+  "Pakeleivis" UAB, Artūras Janušis,
Tai, kad jums sekasi, yra gerai !!!
Mes sakome: Galite pasiruošti dar geriau !!!
Verslo Seminaras 2019 m. Gruodžio 15 d. 11:00 val. Vilnius.
Informacija uždara. Susisiekite su manimi. 
Tik Yager Group verslo partneriams ir gavusiems pakvietimą.