Permanent Passive Income!
Your dream's lifestyle!

Make your birthday wishes a reality!

Money - Your Personal Time!

Prepare 6 ingredients!

  • 1. Time.
  • 2. Money.
  • 3. Opportunities.
  • 4. Personality.
  • 5. Financial Independence.
  • 6. Permanent Passive Income.

Wealth is measured by the time!

* With your earnings for how many days would you like to prepare the opportunity not to work
and maintain the same lifestyle?
Dreams of your heart:
How big they are?

How much time is needed?

At what time of twenty-four hours?

How much money does they cost?

Prepare an increasing, extra, permanent and passive income stream!  

100€, 1000€, 3000€ ... 21000€ or more?

Prepare in advance!

Read before the meeting!

Insights! Robert Kiyosaki

  • Information Age: what was recommended by the Industrial age became the leadership of the Dinosaur in the Information age..
  • Technology: we already see and hear automated systems. 
  • Simplified work: smart people make work easier and they are preparing automated systems to work.
  • What will happen to a person’s earnings? What people have learned to work with will be doing automated systems.
  • Today is the Most Ideal Time! Meanwhile, while others are still thinking in terms of the recommendations of the industrial era, already start making money in the way of the Information Age..
Income Source "B" Preparation Plan.

* New technologies and the Internet have expanded the possibilities!

Start working on an alternative source of income at the time when you work instead of Artificial Intelligence and you get paid!
* Hurry to the meeting! 
* Give yourself more time to enjoy the joys of the life after you prepare that!
We say: 
You can prepare even better for yourself !!! 
Just when you're lucky - it's good !!! 

A tool for developing your Income Source “B” !

  • Your success will attract to you more success!
  • Having got into trouble - usually people find more problems :)
  • Strive for the best even when everything is fine and when problems have started, to be able to get better :)


Jelena Durova, Aleksandr Durov

Monika Kupstaitė-Šadbarienė , Audrius Sadbaras

FEC 2018-11-04 - Free Enterprise Celebration

FEC 2018-11-04 - Nepriklausomo verslo savininkų šventė

Allow yourself not to save, but to use the increasing reward!

Funny to earn extra money and help for others you can as long as you want!

We love to share!
Now You are fascinated by the opportunity 
to prepare  Permanent Rising up 
Passive Income!
Lets Tell to Others: 
"Share" - "Please Share"!

* Get started right now!


** The time of a younger person has more enthusiasm and joy of the charm of life!

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Arturas Janusis
4 cornerstones:
Business and Leadership System are build on 4 core values!
  • Reward.
  • Hope.
  • Family.
  • Freedom.
The result of your efforts:
  • Time for your life.
  • Personal development.
  • You will become rich.
Can you call if you need a consultation?
 Phone: +37062427074
Skype: arturasj100
Arturas Janusis
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